Hog roast Ben Rhydding- 10th Birthday!

So last weekend we were catering for a child’s 10th birthday for a charming young man and our gourmet burgers and sausages were in demand!
Hog roast Ben Rhydding were catering in a huge barn which was very impressive kitted out with a huge bouncy castle, trampoline and pool table there was also a section cordoned off for the disc jokey and an area for us too to say it was huge was an understatement! The barn was decorated in balloons and streamers and soon we had hundreds of screaming ten year olds going wild! Time for us to get some food on the go! We unpacked the sausage, burger and chicken and within minutes had transformed our hog roasting machine into a state of the art barbeque we were soon plating up burgers in buns, sausages in buns and lots of chicken and fish burgers as well. A-Hog-Roast-at-a-Big-Roast-Event1-300x224The youngsters had a huge appetite and so much energy they were hopping off one thing onto another then coming for more food we had to laugh they truly were charming! Hog Roast Ben Rhydding made a huge batch of vegetable stir fry we love to encourage the youngsters to eat healthy and the stir fry is a great way of getting them to eat their vegetables we also got the youngsters involved to help make some vegetable kebabs and all were keen to help using red and green peppers, tomatoes, sweet corn and mushrooms and then covered them in a natural honey dressing the parents were so impressed when they witnessed their children tucking into the vegetables and said they were shocked as they normally turn their noses up to them but we are great believers in getting the kids involved with cooking and when you do they want to eat when the day was over we cleared up and we got chatting to the birthday boys parents and they thanked us for involving the children we were desperate for a go on the trampoline and we all had a shot what a fun time we had we felt like we were all ten again happy days!