Hog roast Westwoodside taking care with our vegetarian dishes

Have you all had a chance to recover after the New Year’s Eve celebrations? We partied pretty hard here at hog roast Westwoodside but I think it’s safe to say we’ve got it out of our systems now and we’re ready to work hard bringing you the very best in roasted meats in 2013. New Year’s Day is a time for fresh starts, and it’s out with the old and in with the new at hog roast Westwoodside, quite appropriately for the season. IMG_6878-300x225That’s right, we’ve replaced one of our older roasting machines with a brand new stainless steel Spitting Pig roaster – it’s a beast! A beautiful beast at that – you can practically see your reflection in it. And the boys here are keen to play with their brand new toy, so it’s fortunate that we’ve got a lot of bookings over the next couple of weeks so that we can get some good use out of it. It’s a lovely machine to use – that was to be expected, Spitting Pig are always very reliable and the machines are the best quality on the market. The results we’ve been getting out of it are just as good as we are used to –we wouldn’t touch a machine put together by anybody else. So if you fancy trying some of the best rare-breed pork roasted slowly on the best quality equipment to guarantee the best possible taste, hog roast hire Westwoodside have got you covered! I’ve sampled some of the pork baps that are coming off this new acquisition – it’s one of the perks of the job – and they’re right up there with our usual high standards. If you want to have a try yourself we’re available for bookings for parties, fairs, festivals and corporate events of all kinds. And it’s not just pork, we are expert caterers with years of experience running all kinds of events and we have a full menu to suit every occasion. In fact you’d be doing yourself a disservice if you didn’t also try are other roasted meats and the full range of aperitifs, starters and desserts that round out our meals. We don’t like to leave anybody hungry so while we are famous for our hot roast pork we are also pretty good at vegetarian dishes as well and it’s not just another nut roast – at hog roast Westwoodside we take as much care with our vegetarian dishes as we do with our rare-breed hogs so we can guarantee that everybody will go away happy.