Wedding Hog Roast in Headingley.

Jo and Toms wedding was in between Christmas and New Year. A perfect date to keep the celebrations rolling for everyone. The wedding was music themed complete with a full brass band that was made up of Toms friends. The Spitting Pig Yorkshire team arrived at the Headingley venue early, an old church now used as a gallery and function space. The manager directed the team to a space inside, which for the team was a great change from Hog Roasting outside in the depths of winter. The band played up a storm while the smell of red wine gravy and perfect Hog Roast Headingley filled the room. Soon the bride and groom arrived and it was time for Spitting Pig Yorkshire to perform, the fresh prepared vegetables and the garlic roasted new potatoes were complemented by the brilliant Hog Roast in Headingley. The selection of breads with mustards rounded off an evening that was definitely going to end on a high note.