Hog Roast Helmsley

The Best Hog Roasts in Helmsley

HelmsleyOur lovely Helmsley is known as a picturesque market town and civil parish and it’s a jewel in North Yorkshire’s crown if I do say so myself. Having been brought up here and now working as a proud hog roaster in Helmsley, as well as in nearby towns and cities, when I meet others who have visited our charming town, they often say they are very jealous of me being here as a full-time resident and I’m sure I would agree if I was in the same boat.

Working for a business in the heart of the gorgeous Yorkshire Moors has always been a real pleasure, especially among other community-minded residents and foodies that include butchers, deli owners, and bakers. There’s something for everyone here, from a cute little tearoom to a cosy pub, or one of many boutiques or bookshops and of course, it’s somewhere where you can get the most wonderful home-cooked food you can imagine – one of our stunning hog roasts to warm you up on a chilly day or to comfort you even on a warmer day of the year.

Leaders in Our Field

We cater all kinds of events in Helmsley, from birthdays to weddings, corporate events to Surrey - pig21christenings and even sometimes on-location filming. Many people know Helmsley for the Black Swan Hotel, which is where Wordsworth was once a guest but it’s also where stars of TV series that were filmed in this area have stayed too, including Benedict Cumberbatch and Rupert Everett, and even Bryan Adams when he was here for a photography exhibition. Now I’m not at liberty to say whether any of those particular celebs have enjoyed one of our stunning Spitting Pig feasts but we often do cater for famous visitors to this area. Whether they are attracted to Helmsley for filming in our beautiful surroundings or for a break away from the ‘Big Smoke’ or wherever they have travelled from, famous people love Helmsley in the same way that us non-famous people do. It’s simply a gorgeous little place with plenty of charm and historical beauty, from the castle ruins to the walled garden, and it has great attractions that we believe includes our wonderful hog roast centrepiece.

Yorkshire is a county known for fantastic food and we’re really proud to be a part of that, bringing scrumptious hog and spit roasts, barbecues and much more to Helmsley and neighbouring places. As a chef, I love serving both informal and formal parties as well as both small parties with a handful of guests and huge events with hundreds of people. If you’re planning a feast in the area in the near future, whatever kind of occasion you’re thinking of, and however many guests, you will make more than just an impression on those guests if you do so with Hog Roast Helmsley catering. We can provide so much in terms of food and not just with a fat pig (though they are an extremely popular option!) You could have a spit-roasted chicken, turkey, lamb or a slab of roast beef if you prefer, plenty of freshly cooked vegetables and potatoes, salads and sauces, and we can provide plenty of choices for those with dietary requirements.

Even if you’re just after our simple but tasty pigs in buns for a Helmsley do, we can do that for you without a fuss. We ensure that our customers are always treated with the same service and with excellent quality ingredients, no matter your budget or needs. We’re Yorkshire through and through and you’ll see that shows in the way we don’t compromise on food, using the best Helmsley butchers and suppliers for all of our delicious ingredients, in order to provide our customers with a perfect experience from start to finish.