FAQ – Hog Roast Catering

In this part of our web-site, you can see some of the questions which we get asked very often. Many of our clients have many questions to ask rightly so, as many catering outfits out there have been known to take advantage of their clients trust. When we go to our events, it is such a shame to hear how often the events and functions of our broad and varied client base, have been spolied by poor catering on behalf of bad caterers. With this in mind, when we hear our clients asking questions about how we work, we have no problem in reassuring them that the way through which we operate is as professional as can be.

From our earliest events in Wetherby, we always had an eye for perfection. Just as with our personal histories as precision aircraft engine engineers, we naturally went the extra-mile then, and we continue to do so now. We are delighted to receive praise for the work we do and the events we cater at; but in the same way we often get saddened by the poor hog and spit roast events that take place out there by other hog roast catering companies. Often using very cheap and mass-produced reared meats, these events do not meet the standards which all should attain. Although this naturally aids our business, as we pick up these customers who have disappointed by others, it is still a negative; as the nature of hog roasting itself is brough into disrepute something we simply cannot stand through our love of the spit roasting method itself. As shown in the frequently asked questions, many of our clients are eager to know whether we meet national legislation and qualifications which is of course something we do. However, many do not so we advise you always look out for these merchants as often a ridiculously low price is too good to be true. We have seen many events become ruined by poor caterers and catering so please ensure that you do not allow this to happen at your event.

When it comes to planning and organising your event, it is important to ensure that everything is accomplished in the best possible manner. An aspect of this is gaining the most knowledge that you can about the catering and how this is to be conducted. On this page, the often asked questions are displayed, with the intention of giving you the answers to the questions which matter. By providing this service, not only can our future clients gain the piece of mind they need, but can also see just how we work in the arena of hog and spit roast catering.

If you have any other questions which you would like any of our team to answer, please feel free to either email us via our contact form or through a standard email to the address shown. If, alternately, you would like to talk to us, then please do not hesitiate to call us on the number displayed – and we will be most happy to help.

Is it only pork that you can offer? 

No, we in fact offer a wide variety of meats for you to choose from such as, chicken, beef, turkey, lamb plus many more! We even offer menu options where you can chose to have 2 or 3 different meat choices, it’s a real crowd pleaser!

I have a few vegetarians that will be attending, do I need to cater for them myself? 

At Spitting Pig Yorkshire we ensure that nobody goes home hungry and want to make sure that every guest has had a fantastic meal. Our most popular vegetarian option is our grilled vegetable and halloumi skewers that often tempt in the carnivores they look so good!

We can actually cater for any dietary requirement, we just ask for you to let us know at your time of booking for any specific requirements such as vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options.

Will the weather change anything for you? 

No matter what the weather we will always be there and it will not affect the quality of the food at all. We do always make sure we are prepared for any eventuality as we all know how unpredictable the British weather can be, and especially in Yorkshire! We always set up under our gazebo that can shelter the food and serving area from the elements, however we cannot shelter your guests so if you are organising an outdoor event we always suggest having something in place for the weather risks.

We are on a limited budget and would like to provide our own desserts and vegetarian options. Would this be okay?

Yes. As professional caterers we understand our customers have varying requirements and budgets and we aim to accommodate and ensure that your event is as enjoyable and stress free as possible. At all times we work closely with our customers which may involve us doing all or only part of the total catering for your event.

We are aiming to eat mid afternoon, at what time do you arrive and start cooking?

We work closely with our customers from the start to ensure a smooth and enjoyable event. We prepare all our food fresh on the day so depending on the type of event, whether we can cook everything on site, or need to bring some food already prepared, determines our time of arrival. We will make sure we liaise closely with you for our arrival time.

We are holding our event in the local village hall, can you provide tablecloths for the tables?

Yes we can include tablecloths, paper or linen. The price quoted will include your requirement.

We are holding our event in our paddock, can you provide a marquee and tables and chairs?

We don’t actually provide these ourselves but we can put you in touch with some organisations who deal with this.

We would like some of our wedding cake cut and wrapped in napkins so that our guests can have the option of taking it away with them, can you do this?

Yes. As a professional hog roast caterer for over 20 years we have learnt that to provide the best service to our customers involves tailoring the catering requirements to their specific event. We want you to enjoy your day and that is very much our aim.

When we are planning our event, do we have to make sure that the venue has electricity, kitchens and running water available?

Absolutely not – A major aspect of our hog and spit roasting service is the fact that we can serve in absolutely any location you wish. By using our own designed and manufactured Spitting Pig Machines, we can get to any location, without the need for electricity or any other amenity.

If we choose to have a spit roast at our next function, is it only Pigs which you roast and serve?

Once again, No – Although the majority of our Private Party Menus, Corporate Hospitality Menus and Wedding Menus do feature the preparation, roasting and serving of our glorious hogs, we do not roast pigs exclusively. Our clients can choose from lovely and ethically sourced whole spring lambs, whole chickens and turkeys, as well as sides and loins of beef – cooked just to your liking.

When it comes to booking our hog roast event with Spitting Pig Yorkshire, is there a limit to the number of guests which can be fed?

There are absolutely no limits when it comes to the amount of people we can feed at any of our hog and spit roast catered events. Providing we know the correct amount of numbers before the event takes place, we can truly cater for any number. One of the many great things about hog and spit roast catering is the fact that we can cater for any small or large number. Our experience has seen us cater for small intimate parties of 10 guests to large corporate functions with 5,000 guests.

If we were to book a spit roast with your company, would it be covered by public liability insurance?

Spitting Pig Yorkshire prides itself on meeting and exceeding all the stringent guidelines set out by the Government. Therefore, we come completely covered as regards public liability insurance. In terms of other certification, all of our chefs and technicians are completely up-to-date and certified by their own relevant regulatory bodies. A crucial aspect of our service, our professional qualifications and full insurance cover reflect our commitment to our clients.

Once the service has been completed and all of our guests have been fed, who clears away the rubbish from the event?

When Spitting Pig Yorkshire take up the reins and cater at your event, you can be sure of a fully comprehensive catering experience. Included in this is the naturally epic food and great theatrical service which accompanies it throughout the course of your bespoke event. However, in order for our guests to enjoy their hog and spit roast catered event to the maximum, our teams always clear away all the mess they generate – taking it off the site of your event to be disposed of elsewhere. This way, our clients can continue with their event without having to deal with such matters.