Hog Roast Ilkley

The Best Hog Roasts In Ilkley

Hog Roast IlkleyBeing a hog roast hire Ilkley caterer is a great excuse to cater at some of the most wonderful venues some functions we have attended have given us the great knowledge that we have today to bring a superb  services to each and every event we are at. Hog roasting is an old school tradition that the people of Ilkley love still to this day pork served with a selection of sauces soft floured rolls and stuffing is a great treat and a simple crowd pleaser.

It should come as no surprise that hog roast Ilkley catering in rural Yorkshire makes for a more pleasant event than the normal, the rural areas have got to be one of my favourite places in the UK. When a clear night sky provides the backdrop there is something rather dramatic about roasting a hog as the voluminous whirls of smoke drift into obscurity and that agreeable sizzling slowly rises.  At the very least a hog roast hire Ilkley here provides good reason to brave the winter weather, and there are certainly enough people who are willing.

Forgetting the fact residents can sometimes lose you with their abbreviations, they’re a gregarious bunch with old timers preferring to spend their remaining days supping good ale at a local as opposed to carrot juice at a care home. They set the bar for local interactions and the result is a sociable county. And it’s that very reason why hog roast Ilkley catering is so popular. Not every company can afford to feed upwards of 1000 guests and so there are far more caterers for smaller gatherings – the popular kind we like to say that we can cater from around 20 people with enough for seconds because if it was any less even with a small suckling  pig there would be enough meat left for more than one meal and we would not really want any meat going to waste but if there was we would wrap this up for you and leave it for you to snack on later on in the day or maybe even for your breakfast the next day. This combination of victual knowledge and competition means our standard of hog roasting is put to the ultimate test, and it’s especially pleasing to say that our juicy rations of pork have proven more than satisfactory.

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Wales - Salad wales 2We are not simply automatons who dish you up grub but welcome inquests. From a breakdown on cooking techniques to our preference on sauces we are only too happy to outline what it is that puts our hog roasts on a pedestal. Just a little more understanding can make the whole experience more interactive, and we in-turn are further encouraged to capture everything that makes a ‘spitting-pig’ event stand alone. If you’re looking for a well-spent alternative to the daily router then we are only too happy to insure that our efforts will be linger in the memory. It’s a treat for us to get a hog roast going in Ilkley. Our seasoned customers agree this is one of the main reasons why we just so happen to get so many repeat bookings from our customers, it is always a great thing when you get positive feedback from clients and when their guests come up to you asking for your business card for a possible future booking it always puts a smile on our faces no matter how often it happens because it gives us confidence in what we are doing.

Undoubtedly, Ilkley is a place of bucolic beauty; the rolling dales, sweeping moors and rugged coastline make for some of Britain’s most impressive scenery, and with everything in between   there are near countless areas which effortlessly remind you of how pretty England is. As you’d expect (and hope) there is a dearth of McDonald’s outside of the major cities. Standing in their place are numerous quality pubs. Depending on where you’re from your idea of a pub may stretch no further than a reheated Sunday dinner with a pint of strong bow, but experienced customers know better. With all that potential for locally sourced meat and yes it is  free-range, it’s difficult to con a Yorkshire man when the topic is food. In a sentence, they know the good stuff when they see it, and that’s why maintaining our perfect standard for hog-roasting is everything.