Hog Roast Rothwell

Hog Roast RothwellIf you have the right catering team on your side who you have full confidence in when it comes to taking care of the food and service for your event, it means you can look forward to being the host without having to worry about the catering.

If you are organising an event in Rothwell, let Hog Roast Rothwell’s experienced team take the reins in all aspects of the catering and service if you want hosting your event to be a stress-free and enjoyable experience!

We supply superior hog roast menus for any event in Rothwell and specialist catering packages for weddings, private parties and corporate entertaining. Our artisan hog roasts are the foundation of all of our menus, but they are not the only thing that we offer.

Our expert hog roast chefs and flexible catering team can offer you the ideal balance for your party, ensuring that you get the unbeatable hog roast dining experience that you want whilst also being assured that the different tastes and dietary requirements of your guests are being accommodated.

Rothwell’s Bespoke Hog Roast Catering For Your Event

We can offer you classic hog roast sandwiches, varied party platters, more complex buffets and contemporary fine dining menus for your event. Whatever style of menu you prefer, we will leave the decision of what dishes to include in it entirely up to you We will then carefully plan your menu and prepare all of it from scratch at your venue.

Hog Roast RothwellIt takes several hours for the delicate cooking process of our hogs to be completed, and whilst this is happening our efficient and experienced team will be busy freshly preparing the rest of your dishes. We are very discerning about the origin of our ingredients and how we prepare them. We only ever select the finest free-range meat and as much locally sourced produce as possible, then make all of our food at the venue in full view of our clients.

If you want creative mobile event catering and the most expertly prepared hog roasts in this part of West Yorkshire, hiring Hog Roast Rothwell to do the catering for your big day is the answer!