Hog Roast Skipton

The Best Hog Roasts In Skipton

Hog Roast SkiptonWith a party, christening , wedding or a corporate event, one thing that you can put your house on is that if you add a hog roast to any of these occasions you’re going to automatically make yours an event to be at! Hog Roast Event Catering will make sure of that. Our ranks are filled with hog roast Skipton catering experts, whether it’s our sales team or our event chefs, who will assess your event requirements and construct a faultless hog roast that will get the party well and truly started, in a way that only a Skipton hog roast can.

We abide by a catering practice that focuses on hearing out and understanding just what it is you’re looking for from an event caterer, and by listening to and getting to know what it is you’re after, following through on your vision then becomes the easiest part. Skipton is a great, fun, popular town full of excitement and has a wonderful market that runs through the high street 3-4 times a week. Skipton originated from the Skipton Castle which was build in the 1090’s, then in the 12th century it was strengthened by stone to make it more substantial from the attacks at that time from Scotland. Nowadays the castle is the main attraction for tourists to come and visit the town, you can enjoy a lovely scenic walk and stop by and have a refreshing beverage. You will soon be able to enjoy a new art gallery in the Town hall as the Arts Council of England have given Skipton a £50.000 pounds grant to improve there gallery which features one off pieces by William Shakespeare. oh and not to forget Skipton does have one of the leading favourite butchers in the UK with fresh quality meat and served with a friendly smile. So what more could hog roast hire Skipton need.

Leaders In Our Field

As soon as you book us we’ll connect you straight away with a personal chef. The chef you’ll get to know well, because we pair each customer with their own chef so that you can plan the event directly with him or her – he or she will be only a phone call away, which will make your experience with our team much more efficient and far easier than you might expect. There’s no room for miscommunication or error with this time-tested set-up. You can discuss your event at length with your chef and it will be his job to – as well as hog roast cooking on the day – help you plan your menu to a tee and make sure your food is  served on time.

There is a scope of hog roast Skipton menus that we have to offer for your event – and while some menus are not for everyone, it’s incredibly rare for a customer to fail to find one menu, at the very least, that they fall in love with. If you do have trouble striking up a relationship with one of our menus, we’re very receptive of requests for menu customisation; we can even create a bespoke menu if you’re really struggling to find a suitable menu. Don’t shy away, you can also ask the chef and they will be happy to change things for you.

If you ask hog roast Skipton  we’ll tell you that real catering comes straight from the heart, and at every event we put our heart and souls into our hog roasts – and it shows in 111everything that we do! Our willingness to amend our menus and create new ones for customers is a great example of our catering nature. You will be wowed by the vision of the hog roasting on the spit and the smell that wavers through the air tantalising your guests, they truly are irresistible!

We’re all about good food and we’ve been providing it in abundance for years now. We’ve plated up enough food in the last few years to feed a small country for a good decade, but our own belly still rumbles because we have an incurable hunger for hog roasting at events. We’re always on the lookout for new customers to help, so if you need help making your event a memorable one then get in contact via phone or email.