Hog Roast York

Hog Roast YorkHog roasting is a culinary tradition that is as deeply rooted in our history as the city of York itself. The art of slowly roasting a whole hog on a spit over an open fire is an outdoor cooking method that has been around since ancient Roman times, and it has endured through the ages as a fantastic way of cooking any large joint of meat.

Here at Hog Roast York, we simply love this cooking method and in our opinion, it is a way of preparing meat that has never been surpassed. We have always aspired to bring hog roasts into the modern era and make it a relevant and impressive contemporary catering solution that is never out of place in any setting.

We have achieved this through the careful selection of the finest free-range pork in the UK combined with our state-of-the-art hog roast catering equipment and very talented hog roast chefs who are incredibly passionate about what we do.

As a result, Hog Roast York have gone on to become the number on hog roast catering company in York, who is capable of creating versatile catering packages and providing unforgettable hog roast dining for any occasion in this beautiful historic city.

A traditional cooking technique and modern menus for any occasion in York

Hog Roast YorkWe have seamlessly merged the age-old craft of hog roasting with our own imaginative menus that make the most of the best seasonal ingredients and locally sourced produce available throughout the year. We are continually expanding our repertoire and developing our menus to ensure that our food is always suitable for all occasions, tastes and dietary requirements when we are catering for events in York.

We will cook your hog onsite, as well as any other dishes that you have chosen. We can offer you your ideal catering package for any occasion, be it your wedding reception, a corporate function, a private party or a public event in York.

Hog Roast York can treat you to a unique hog roast catering experience, provide a flexible catering package that fulfils your brief to the letter, and create a brilliant ambiance for any occasion.