A perfect day for a hog roast in Skipton!

Sunday seemed a perfect day for us to get our website in order we do check our emails each day and answer them asap as we think that is so important but we wanted to put some photos on our website from our previous events from the day before in particular as the Hog Roast Skipton caterers had been catering for a very formal wedding and the day went fantastic with a pig, twenty chickens and 30 ducks all went to feed the one hundred guests along with the huge stacks of vegetables we got through! The wedding party all looked so lovely especially the bride and groom and we took scores of pictures and they gave us permission to add these to our website. You name it, we can do itWe uploaded the photos along with some others from weeks before and added some new pages showing some of our wonderful menus we were lucky enough to have a friend who is a fantastic photographer and he took some great shots of our food he captured the images so well and we wanted to show case more of what we do, we also added new phone numbers to the website as we have two work phones now and we did a new section show casing our staff we took each of our staffs picture and then we wrote a little article about each one telling of their past experience how long they had worked for hog roast Skipton and the staff are so proud of there little mention although some did say they should have had a make over as they wanted to appear more glamorous, fiddlesticks we say they all looked sensational! It took us a fair few hours to get the website the way we wanted it but it was well worth it as it looks fab! We are now going to make a point of updating the website every week instead of leaving it so long lets hope we all stick to it though we some times say one thing and do another. Well we are looking forward to mid week as we are catering for a large corporate event for two thousand what fun!