Busy weekends in February for Yorkshire hogroasters

Its blog time again at the spitting pig Yorkshire co.
It’s February and valentines is coming to get you. All those singles out there hide until the big red love hearts balloons have disappeared. It’s a great time to be single on valentines you save a fortune. As for me will be roped into an expensive meal plus expensive chocolates and balloons. Ha only joking I love it. Lots of hog roasting to be done this week we are busy most of the weekend so ill keep the espressos on standby to keep us going through the weekend. I’ve just looked through this month’s calendar and its Leeds, Skipton and York all this weekend so the van miles will be racking up. Sausages and burgers on Sunday which is a nice change which we do get from time to time.
The new van is super just what I needed the only trouble is I feel I have to clean it every other day like you do with new vans, I’m hoping this will wear off soon as it’s costing me a small fortune. But seriously I would recommend the Merc sprinter to anyone it’s the business.
I thought we may get some more snow today which is not good as I thought it was long behind us but fortunately it seems to have passed us by in Yorkshire.( I think London may have had some) It’s certainly cold enough roll on summer is what we are all thinking in the office. All the best from Ross, Steve and the Spitting Pig Yorkshire team

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