Hog Roast Staithes Crafted A Comforting Menu For A Christmas Craft Fair

Here at Hog Roast Staithes, we’re not ones to let a little rain dampen our spirits or keep us away from a festive gathering. So, last week, we pulled on our aprons and proudly defied the weather to join the fun at a local Christmas craft fair, turning a drizzly day into a flavourful celebration that will be the talk of the town for a while to come!

The organisers of this joyous event had been very eager for us to showcase our hog roast sandwiches, and our dedicated catering manager, Jon, took on the challenge with unwavering determination. Understanding that the cold weather would extend our cooking time, he made sure Hog Roast Staithes’ catering team arrived on-site well ahead of schedule, guaranteeing that the attendees were greeted with the enticing aroma of a piping hot hog roast upon their arrival.

Despite the less-than-ideal weather conditions, this Christmas craft fair proved to be a bustling affair, attracting approximately 500 visitors throughout the day, all of whom were keen on exploring the unique, handmade treasures on display. From homemade room sprays and bath products to intricately hand-carved ornaments and an assortment of trinkets, the fair made for a delightful treasure trove.

Hog Roast StaithesWith Hog Roast Staithes on hand to offer fresh and tasty comfort food, our presence was warmly welcomed by all. Jon, orchestrating the culinary symphony, expertly served up gluten-free baps generously filled with pulled pork, sage and onion stuffing, applesauce, and delightfully crispy crackling. As for those with a penchant for plant-based delights, BBQ-pulled jackfruit buns topped with crunchy coleslaw were on the menu, ensuring a delicious option for every palate.

Guests fully embraced our flavour-packed dishes, which provided an experience that perfectly complemented the festive ambience of the fair. The smiles and contented munching showcased the success of Hog Roast Staithes’ mission: to bring a touch of warmth and flavour to every occasion, come rain or shine.

Hog Roast Staithes remains committed to turning each and every event we attend into a memorable experience, proving that a little rain can’t overshadow the joy we bring to the table.