Out Of Office For Lunch With Hog Roast Batley

Hog Roast BatleyHere in the UK, when the sun comes out you make the most of it – even when you’re still at work. Our corporate customers here at Hog Roast Batley understand that which is why one of them called us out this week to switch up their regular bi-weekly lunch order with us to offer something just a little different to make the most of the sudden summer weather.

As a corporate caterer, one of our favourite services that we provide here at Hog Roast Batley is our office lunch visits for our business clients. We work with many businesses through the week to bring repeat lunch services to their employees, often at bi-weekly, monthly, or in some cases even weekly, regular schedule. The way we do this varies from client to client. Some leave it in the hands of our chefs to decide on the lunch menu for that visit, that way it’s a special surprise each and every time, while others like to make specific orders and requests ahead of time. We are always more than happy to work to either demand, and we are even happy to take on extra special requests in certain cases too.

Hog Roast BatleyOne such special request came this week when one of our clients in the investment market put in a late switch to their regular bi-weekly Thursday order to have our team set up a special outdoor barbecue service instead of the usual buffet style set up in one of their conference rooms. We thought it sounded like a great idea, especially since the employees had no idea of the switch until they came outside and rounded the corner of their office building to see our Hog Roast Batley chefs set up with a barbecue already grilling away with burgers and ribs, and a set up of tables and chairs under our marquee serving tent. The surprise was very well received, as was our helpings of BBQ rolls and wraps!

Hog Roast Batley is more than happy to offer any of our business clients similar services as summer finally comes out and the prospect of being stuck inside a sweaty office looks less and less appealing. Get out the office and enjoy your lunch with Hog Roast Batley instead!