21st Birthday Party Hog Roast, Alwoodley.

One of the advantages of organising our hog roast events is the warmth and positivity that go hand-in-hand with the planning and orchestration of these celebrations. Often though, we can’t help a twinge of envy at the fun and glamour the guests are experiencing when we arrive to start a job. This hog roast in the leafy suburb of Alwoodley was one such occasion. Louise’s parents had spared no expense in hosting her 21st birthday party, and the unusual mildness of this March evening made for a truly memorable birthday setting. The only element which may have caused guests a certain forgetfulness was the impressive vodka and cranberry cocktail fountain in the kitchen, which competed our hog roast Alwoodley Southern Slow Roast menu of Pork, Lamb and Beef for the guest’s attention. All these ingredients made for a perfect twenty-first with particularly cheerful diners and dancers – Louise’s parents also planned their own good-night’s sleep at the end of the evening as coaches arrived promptly at 11, departing from Alwoodley in to the town centre, so Louise an her friends could continue the revelries (stomachs safely lined by the best hog roast Alwoodley team around!)