Hog roasting in Kirkthorpe

Sitting in the van we were thinking of the hog roast kirkthorpe event ahead as we had done so for the past few weeks and we were quite relieved the day had finally arrived as it was a surprise party for the local vicar and we really get nervous when its a surprise as we are terrified of letting the cat out of the bag! Hog Roast LeedsHog Roast Kirkthorpe arrived at the church and the stand in vicar showed us into the hall very top secret! It was really double celebration as the vicar was also retiring too and lots of people were coming to help him celebrate and we felt on edge until we knew he was safely in the door! Hog Roast Kirkthorpe had pig, lamb and beef and made some delicious sandwiches and a wonderful cake was there central on the table a huge cake with double celebration for his 65th birthday and his retirement all in one all the guests arrived and all sat quietly chatting and then some one ran in saying he is here! Every one got to their feet party poppers at the ready and as he entered all yelled ‘Happy Birthday’ talk about being in shock he was mesmerised and a bit bewildered trying to take it all in the wonderful spread, the cake and the guests some he had not seen in many a year once he got his breath back he was full of chatter and mingled in with the guests and we gave such a sigh of relief as we had been worried sick terrified in case he got wind and found out we are always nervous when it’s a surprise party, soon we were all singing along to happy birthday and he was blowing the candles out and we had to chuckle as the vicar really was the life and soul of the party he could teach the younger members a thing or two! He loved the meat and said he had tasted hog roast meat twenty five years ago on a trip abroad and he did say ours was better well that’s good enough for us!