90th Birthday Catering Thanks To Hog Roast Yeadon

Whether you’re planning an informal gathering at home with a handful of friends and family or a formal affair with hundreds of guests at a posh venue, one thing’s for sure with Hog Roast Yeadon; you’re guaranteed delicious food served by professionals who care. From our famous pigs in buns to a winter warmer or festive menu in the colder months, or a multiple-course menu featuring your choice of food, we have something for everyone, and that also includes options for people on special diets and those with bigger appetites.

Hog Roast YeadonWhen we were asked to cater Gladys’ 90th birthday, her son Roy had asked Hog Roast Yeadon about our various possibilities and with wanting a variety of food served that would suit all their fifty guests in the gardens of a local hotel, our amazing Southern Slow Roast Menu would certainly fit the bill. This menu gives you three marinated meats, which you choose from a possible five, and four sides, which you choose from a possible seven, and if you need a vegetarian option included, it already features one. With this much choice and variety, no one would go hungry at this milestone birthday celebration.

Roy told us that his mum had decided on sticky pork ribs, barbecued pork butt and beef brisket for the meaty mains, which would be cooked slowly for hours on the day and then served together with a trio of tasty sauces – Jack Daniel’s Smokey Sweet Barbecue Glaze, Stubb’s Hickory Bourbon Bar-b-q Sauce and a sweat-inducing Cajun Hot Pepper Sauce. We would also serve our homemade vegetarian option of grilled vegetable and halloumi wraps with our own Tzatziki sauce, and the four sides would all be suitable for all the guests, including the vegetarians.

It came around to Gladys’ special day on Saturday and our Hog Roast Yeadon worked hard to create a lovely feast for everyone in a marquee in the lovely hotel grounds. While the meats were cooking and the skewers were grilling, we made our homemade coleslaw, mac and cheese, corn cobettes and sweet potato wedges, and before long, it was time to treat and impress the hungry guests.