Hog Roast Pontefract at Great Horton Park Cricket

One of the great things about Hog Roast Pontefract is that no matter where you are hosting your event our team of professional chefs and caterers will be able to travel to you. All of our equipment is completely portable meaning we truly can cater from anywhere and everywhere. All we require of a location is a fresh water supply and plenty of ventilation. If these requirements are met then it doesn’t matter if we are set up inside or outside, Hog Roast Pontefract will deliver nothing but exceptional food.

Hog Roast Pontefract This week Hog Roast Pontefract catering manager Jon was getting set up for an event being held at the Great Horton Park Cricket grounds. Event organiser Cath had planned the event to coincide with The Ashes which her guests would be gathering at the cricket grounds to watch and so everyone had their fingers crossed for another win for England. Everyone that is apart from Jon, who happens to be Australian. Cath couldn’t believe it when she spoke to Jon as he was preparing the days food and they both agreed it was set to be an interesting match.

As the match got underway Jon was busy preparing the hog roast for his one hundred guests. With any hog roast the key is in leaving the meat to cook as long as possible in order to become beautifully tender. By starting to cook the pig first thing in the morning Jon was able to have the food ready to be served by half time meaning it could be enjoyed throughout the afternoon.

Unfortunately for Cath and her guests, England lost the cricket match that day. Of course, Jon didn’t gloat too much about the win for Australia but as a peace offering to the losing side he made sure to wrap up all of their Hog Roast Pontefract leftovers so that they could at least enjoy some comfort food to cope with the days loss before the next match.