Catering in Dodworth was so enjoyable!

We dedicated the bank holiday weekend getting our affairs in order and it was so long over due! We had been dumping hog roast Dodworth equipment here there and everywhere in the office and in the van and we were desperate to have a good spring clean but did not have the time so the weekend was quiet and we only had a booking on the Bank Holiday Monday so it was all hands on deck. We arrived at the office nice and early and gutted the place we gave the place a good clean and sorted through all the paper work as the pile was getting higher and higher! IMG_2431We gave the place a good Hoover and we felt quite ashamed when we looked at the huge pile of dust in the hover barrel socking! The office was soon looking spick and span and then we moved onto the back room where the machines are kept and we got out our machines and gave them a good over haul and they were sparkling we also had our gas engineer come in and he gave the machines a check, then we had to face the van we were dreading that and rightly so it hadn’t been cleaned for such a long, long time and we wondered where all the rubbish had came from as we filled a large black bag full of rubbish! We had a well deserved cup of tea and felt quite such a sense of satisfaction when everything was nice and clean and tidy and we all vowed to never let it happen again we are fond of saying that and it never seems to happen. It was nice when we were out on Monday in Dodworth we could find everything so easily defiantly had something to do with the place being nice and tidy it really is amazing what a nice clan office, warehouse, and van can do to boost your spirits when out catering Hog roast Hire will now we promise to keep each area clean as we go along well we do hope so but we say that every time!