Gardening Festival Fun With Hog Roast Fewston

Spring is just around the corner, and already people are starting to celebrate the changing season with a whole host of different events. In preparation for an annual gardening festival, which saw plant enthusiasts from the local community come together to immerse themselves in a luscious world of tropical plants, Hog Roast Fewston arrived at the local botanical gardens on Sunday morning after we had been asked to serve our stunning hog roast dining menu to the 170 people who held tickets for the spectacular event.

Hog Roast FewstonWith prizes up for grabs for those with the best homegrown plants, face-painting for children and stunning walkways featuring over 5,000 species of colourful shrubbery; not to mention the gorgeous hog roast feast that had been lovingly prepared by our team of skilled caterers, event organiser Danielle had gone all out on the entertainment!

As the first to arrive, Hog Roast Fewston had wasted no time in setting up our catering equipment and making a start on the alfresco feast which included one of our signature, spit roasted pigs with a trio of cold side salads, freshly-baked gluten-free rolls and crispy on the outside, but soft and fluffy on the inside, jacket wedges. For those following meat-free diets, the catering crew had also prepared mushroom and haloumi burgers, along with grilled veggie skewers served with flatbreads and tzatziki dip.

Just shy of 1pm, the venue threw its doors open to the guests, who hurried in to start their walk around the gardens. With fairy lights and lanterns guiding them through a maze of foliage, the guests arrived at the dining area where Hog Roast Fewston had been waiting with an irresistible buffet of succulent meats.

Eager to try the fragrant dishes, each of the guests rushed to collect a plate from the towers of China crockery, which they excitedly filled with a little of everything on display. A series of collective ‘mmms’ and ‘ahhs’ echoed throughout the room as the ticket holders happily munched away on the Hog Roast Fewston creation.


After serving second (and third!) helpings to the guests, the catering crew completed their duties by clearing away the plates and loading up the van with rubbish to be disposed of offsite.