Great August and an even greater September!

We had a fantastic time catering in August, especially at a birthday party in Skipton that we catered for on the 2nd Friday of the month, and the reason we enjoyed it so much is because we got to show the full strength of our menus with a monstrous sized buffet for upwards of 200 guests. The buffet consisted of over 25 different food options – canapes, salads, puddings, spit roasts etc – that were all served and they were all amazingly received by the guests who were salivating at the mouth to get their hands on the hog roast spectacular we put together – and put it together we did, with an elite skill set for hog roasting that we’re never shy of bringing out and putting on show. The waitresses and chefs dazzled the crowd almost as much as the vicarious hog roast.

For the meat options at the menu we served pig and chicken, and we served a delicious vegetarian option too. Both went down a treat and you considering it was their first ever hog roast for most the guests they had they were fortunate to have the hog roast from one of the best in the business!

We were also very, very busy in the office; in fact we’ve been neck deep in enquiries from start to finish, which is always great news because that means we’ll be busy in the coming months and have more great news for you in the coming months. A recent development on the booking front has been that we’ve received a torrent of interest from the public regarding bookings in and around the  Olympics . And when I say torrent I’m really not exaggerating, emails and phone calls to Spitting Pig Yorkshire have been non-stop, and so many people want a hog roast for the events. But who could blame them for that? Hog roasts are as British as they come for event catering and it’s only fitting that people want a hog roast for their Olympic parties.

And speaking of catering for extra special events we had a big wedding in the month that really was a sight to behold. You wouldn’t believe the size of the hog roast feast we made for the newlyweds, it was a feast of titanic proportions, but unlike the Titanic we didn’t crash into any theoretical icebergs!!!!! The hog roast stayed on course all night and there were no mishaps because there never is with a hog roast form Spitting Pig, we do everything right at every event. For the wedding we served up a beautifully cooked sit-down meal and the guests were in awe as they were seated and saw the hog roast machines cooking away a perfect pig and lamb roast. Everybody was taken aback by the always impressive machines and the size of the pig and lamb being roasted really gave them a pleasant surprise! We cooked an 80kg pig which weighed more than most the guests. Mouths watered as we began to carve up the pig and lamb before the guests eyes. Everyone loved their meal and the meat was succulent as always, but we think a few of the guests who decided on lamb got a bit envious and regretful of the pig once they saw the crackling from the pig being cut off and served in the bread rolls! It’s the chefs we feel sorry for though, as they’ve got to do all that and still manage to keep their hands to themselves, even though you just know they’re itching to have some themselves for all those many hours while the pig and lamb were roasted.

The fun didn’t stop there though, because later on in the evening we’d stuck around to serve up an evening buffet for the wedding guests, and the buffet was just as tasty as the main meal, if not better. The buffet had everything from canapes to salads and puddings, and of course the trademark roast pig that we’re known so well for and it was a real sightseeing all the great food lined up on our serving table. Just the sight and smell was worth the admission alone, the guests getting even more great food to eat was just an added bonus after seeing the theatre of Spitting Pig event catering up close and personal.  Stay tuned and follow our blog for more up to date updates.

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