Very Hectic Week

This week has been very hectic for all of us, even the boys and girls in the office have been non-stop running around after a wave of interest for hog roast event catering in the coming months. However I’d challenge anyone on the phones to have been as busy and active as I and the rest of the chefs have, because we’ve had wall to wall event occasions and many of them have involved 100s of guests.

Last week students up and down the country received their results and it was no different here, I know because I was the one selected by my hog roast overloads to stand in the firing line, cooking hog roasts for endless rowdy and fairly drunken teenagers. It wasn’t all bad news though, in fact I enjoyed myself a great deal and it was a pleasant change of pace, especially as the menu was a bit different and wild. It’s always a pleasure to be involved in something that only comes round once a year or less and a students celebration definitely fit’s the bill as one of the times of the year when I know I’ll be hog roasting for a great bunch of kids with their whole life in front of them.

The menu on Friday at the celebration I hog roasted for was bespoke, which is why for canapés I prepared, with the help of second-chef Simon, mini fish and chips, mini pizzas and mini burgers – and those of you who know our menus well enough know we don’t have mini fish and chip canapés, it was a specific request, Other unique foods on the menu was a main course choice of chicken fajitas, with bean fajitas being served as the vegetarian meal of the event, and spicy chili fries as an extra potato side option.

Despite the new foods which were great fun to make and much enjoyed, the spit roast chicken and tray roasted pig choice for the main course won the hearts and minds of the students, most of which had no qualms landing on the traditional rustic spit and tray roasts, and so many of them told me it was much more than they were anticipating for quality and quantity. And so not only did many of the students do well in their results, they did even better in receiving a proper hog roast mixed with some modern favourites.

Making the fajitas for myself was a bundle of fun. The method we used was to fry strips of chicken, peppers and onions, after marinating the chicken in a special blend of traditional texmex spices, for a few minutes at heat, served on a warm fajita bread to the table with a bowl of Spitting Pig summer salsa and guacemoli for the guests to help themselves to. Nothing too groundbreaking about that but it isn’t everyday I get to cook fajitas and they tasted great so I was celebrating myself for a job well done.


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