Heading on our way to Appletreewick this week.

It’s a great time of year for Hog Roasting in Appletreewick, with Halloween and Guy Fawke’s night leading us nicely into the busy Christmas season. In fact, we’ve been totally rushed off our feet recently, with several harvest events and an Apple Day. The Apple Day in particular was great – plenty of home-made and home-grown apple sauce for our hot pork rolls, and plenty of delicious local cider and apple juice to wash it all down. They hungry crowd kept us on our feet though – I don’t think I’ve ever seen a whole roast pig go so fast! And I’m not going to get a chance to put my feet up for a rest any time soon with not one, not two but three Appletreewick hog roast parties this weekend.! Have to do my duty and make sure that’s 550 happy partygoers full of pork and stuffing before I go stuffing my own greedy mouth with sweet seasonal treats. With our Spitting Pig set-up I’m pretty confident that all our customer’s guests will go away happy though – you just don’t see unhappy faces when people have hot pork baps in their hands! You just can’t help smiling once you’ve had a taste of our crispy crackling.

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