Hog Roast Bradley: Bank Holiday Hog Roast

Whether you choose to spend your few days off work lounging around the house in your PJ’s and binge-watching your favourite Netflix TV shows, or inviting the whole family over for a tasty roast and a much-needed catchup, bank holiday weekend’s are something we can all look forward to!

Hog Roast BradleyAt Hog Roast Bradley, however, our bank holiday excitement stems from a busy few days of bookings which allows our team to make lots of clients very happy in a short space of time, and last month was no different! Rounding off August, (is anyone else wondering where the months have gone?) our team were snowed under with requests from people who, for weeks, had been looking forward to kicking back and relaxing with a chilled beer and one of our irresistible pig rolls.

Squeezing as many bookings as possible into this short time frame, resulted in a thrilling, whirlwind weekend for the Hog Roast Bradley catering crew, which lasted right up until the Monday afternoon.

Our final booking led the team to a private home in a neighbouring town, where Arthur and his family were eagerly awaiting a traditional hog roast spread based on our classic hog roast menu. Despite having had a busy start to the day, and an even busier few days behind them, the Hog Roast Bradley team arrived at the client’s home in good time, and using their remaining few hours before the serving slot they whipped up a buffet that was to-die-for!

The meal, which featured a juicy pig encased in lightly salted, golden crackling, savoury stuffing, sweet homemade applesauce and sides of fresh salads with ripe cherry tomatoes, crunchy coleslaw and crispy on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside home-cut chips, went down a storm with all 30 of the guests who relished in the freedom to play around with the dishes on offer by using the gluten-free rolls and wraps to create a unique burst of flavour.

Arthur was so pleased with the value for money he received by booking with Hog Roast Bradley, and he has since made a promise to return to us for all his catering needs!