Hog Roast Calderdale Wedding Celebrations!

We seem to have been consistently lucky with the weather for our hog roasts this year and Sunday’s event near Calderdale happily continued the trend. It can’t be overstated what a difference it makes to a day’s work to be in the sunshine surrounded by people in a celebratory mood – not everyone’s 9-to-5! We were helping to celebrate Jessica and Oliver’s wedding and it was a pleasure to do so – the huge number of friends and family in attendance obviously agreed with us. A retired farm in the rolling Yorkshire Dales made for a beautiful venue. ‘Retired’ farm means all the bucolic, picturesque countryside beauty and none of the more down-to-earth smells of manure! In contrast guests confirmed that they were met rather by the mouth-watering aromas of a whole hog roast Calderdale , a whole roast lamb and two Scottish salmon wrapped and slow-cooked in butter and lemon. Our efforts were highly appreciated by hungry guests and complimented by the on-site ice cream the happy couple had organised. Sadly by the time we packed up the ice cream van had driven off into the sunset – still, not a hard day at the office for team Yorkshire Spitting Pig.