Hog Roast Cawood

hog roast cawood 2It was a cold night with the temperature plummeting just past the -2°c mark. The roads were icy, and a shower of sleet was restricting our view. Hog roast Cawood’s event was at a local school and we had been asked to cater for a party of 150 people at an after school disco. We arrived during school hours to set up and get the pig slowly cooking ready for the serve time. Upon arrival we were greeted by the head teacher and the head of the English department who organized the event. They both showed me where I would be setting up and how they would like everything set out, hog roast Cawood wasted no time and did exactly this. School finished at 3pm, and by 5pm many of our guest were already starting to arrive, all taking a particular interest in how we cook our og roast, many even debating on whether they should buy one of our machines there self! 6pm came it was the time everyone has been waiting for! We lifted up the hog out of the machine and placed it above our carving tray, nobody wasted any time in jumping up and coming to grab they’re pork roll. We had all our salads set out on the next table and everybody was overwhelmed at the turnout, with many coming up for seconds and some even coming up for thirds. Hog roast Cawood had brilliant feedback all night, even of the kids! The event came to a close so we packed up discretely, disposing our rubbish of site in bins that have been provided and we headed home. Yet again another successful event for hog roast Cawood.