Hog Roast Ilkley Producing The Mighty Titan

While you may well know Hog Roast Ilkley as providers of first-class catering for all kinds of parties and events and you may also know that we hire out our own range of our machines that we make ourselves from scratch, we are also purveyors of those same machines, both brand new and used models, as well as other brands. We don’t only sell our own because of the fact that another brand may actually be more suitable for our customers, and we want you to have the machine that fits your wants and needs, whether you’re a professional caterer who has realised the need for hog and spit roasts for your customers, or you’re a domestic cook who knows that cooking in this way can save time, effort and money in the long run.

Hog Roast IlkleyYou can visit us in our factory in Lancashire to speak to our experts about your needs and watch one of our machines being handmade, as well as see our showroom, where our own range and others are on display. There’s no need to call Hog Roast Ilkley to book an appointment, as you can just turn up, and our professionals will welcome you to discover everything that you need in order to become a professional yourself.

One of our long-term Hog Roast Ilkley customers, Cooper, has had us cater several parties of his, both at home in his back garden and at other venues, and even for his daughter’s wedding last summer. Having enjoyed our take on pigs in buns, plated hog and spit roast meals and much more over the years, Cooper then started hiring our machines so that he could cook himself and he realised how much he loved doing so. Just recently, he decided that his own hog roast machine would make sense, so he came to visit us in our factory and showroom yesterday, to have a chat about what would work for him, and to tour our factory.

By the end of his visit, Cooper left armed with one of our most popular machines, the mighty Titan, and we know he won’t regret choosing to buy it.