Hog Roast Sheffield catering for an Annual Motorbike Convention!

Surrey - pig20The Hog Roast Sheffield team’s ears are still ringing after spending yesterday cooking for 100 boisterous bikers at their annual motorbike convention! They may have been a very rowdy bunch, but they were all very amiable and in contrast to the reputation that motorbike groups have, they were all very considerate about the environment, and just like us, very careful not to leave any mess behind them when they left. The motorbike mad guys and gals simply love getting together to show off their magnificent machines every year, especially if they are provided with some great food to enjoy alongside it!

Our high-quality hog roasts are always the ideal catering option for giving a lot of people great food on a budget in an outdoor location and the bikers certainly agreed! They also enjoyed chatting to us whilst the pork was roasting slowly, and the heavenly smell was making them all work up quite an appetite. Our catering team were given a master class in motorbike maintenance as we were putting the finishing touches to their big buffet, and the bikers quizzed us in turn about our own rather impressive hog roasting equipment! Here at Hog Roast Sheffield, we love catering for big events and chatting with everyone whilst we are cooking. Hog roasting is such a sociable way of catering and it always brings everyone together. Because we are master multi-taskers, we never lose our concentration on what we are doing though, however much banter we are having with our diners!

When the meat was ready, our chef had quite an audience watching him expertly carve it but being the professional (and the showman!) that he is, he wasn’t out put off his stride for a second! The pork went down as storm with the bikers and our crispy crackling caused so much of a stir, that their beloved bikes were all but forgotten whilst they all tucked in! We served everyone quickly without making anyone feel rushed, and even with 100 people to feed, we still gave everyone single person our undivided attention whilst we were serving them.

Cornwall - crackling2The bikers all agreed it was the perfect food for their gathering and they would like to book Hog Roast Sheffield again next year! We’re looking forward to it already, but we might bring some earplugs next time!