Hog roast Silsden Catering

Lovely time this week enjoying the autumn sunshine with a hog roast in Silsden and what a lovely back drop for a hog roast event with the sun shining across the Yorkshire Dales. It does lift everyones spirits when the sun is shining especially later on in the year and yesterday was no exception. YGrassingtonou just couldn’t help smiling. Julie had ironed my chef whites the night before and I was looking rather dapper even if I do say so myself. I must confess ironing is not one of my many fortes and I am often to be seen looking a little bit crumpled so it is fantastic when Julie gets all my uniform and whites organised for me I just need that womans touch. It certainly seemed to do the trick on this occasion the Silsden hog roast was looking good I was looking good the sun was shining what more could we ask for. Some hungry guests. Well they turned up right on que and immediately set about demolishing the hog roast. It was a good site to behold and the hog roast Silsden really did us proud.