Hog Roasting Can Make an Impression

With the atmosphere of Tuesday night’s successful game for the England squad slowing dying down, and the quarter-finals ascending on the horizon, fans have already started the chants, hoping to inspire Roy Hodgson’s England squad to spur them to victory in Euro 2012.

As the nation stood together during the crucial 90 minutes of the game, events around the country were being hosted allowing fans to feed their hunger for success during the intensity of the game. Whilst many fans would congregate in their local pub or bar to witness the exceptional performance, many had hosted events which did not necessarily relate to the football, as many were celebrating age defying milestones.

Here at Spitting Pig, we were given the honour to cater for a variety of different birthdays or parties, with our variety of menus being used through to ensure all guest were well feed, and that each event would be individually unique to the customers, ensuring each event would be different from the last, this making the experience in every way unique.

With never-ending queues at many of our events, to daunting thought of ensuring everyone gets feed can always pass through the hosts mind, however, here at Spitting Pig that was never a worry, with a detail number of attendees and the menus choices offered, we ensured that no guest went unfed. The food went down a treat, and from the number of quests returning for seconds, the hosts could see that they had chosen well for their catering.

For many of the events, the parties were a memorable occasion, celebrating many happy years, and with Spitting Pig taking care of the catering, the night could be enjoyed, allowing any worries about the catering of the party to be put at rest. With the wild atmosphere in the air, and the result of England’s match filtering through, the parties really began to kick in, with beers flowing for any number of reasons; everyone looked to be thoroughly enjoying themselves.Want to make your next event unique with fresh meat roasted to perfection, then why not check out our new special offers.

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