Olympic Style Catering

With a disappointing end to England’s Euro 2012 dream, fans were heartbroken as the critical quarter final game against Italy went to penalties, losing 4 goals to 2. With disappointment filling many local pubs, Spitting Pig aimed to spark up the atmosphere and feed hungry fans. During every tense second of the 120 minutes, England’s hope from their fans was slowly draining, and with Italy putting up a fighting chance, making any possibility of reaching the semi-finals thoroughly worked for.

England worked to their bare bones during the game, ensuring every attempt from the opposing team was quickly deflected. After the edgy 120 minutes, England players already drained out before the nerve-racking penalty shootout, fans were silent, knowing that the pressure was building and only imagining how goalkeeper Joe Hart must have been feeling. With England taking the upper hand, and the fans being on the edge of their seats, the outcome was looking promising, until the equalising goal from Italy stumped fans, knowing that a win was not firmly in their grasp.

With the England dream crushed, fans were distraught, and Spitting Pig could see how they felt, hoping that the succulent meat that had been roasting during those nerve-racking minutes would help in relieving some of the anguish. With the England defeat still gloomily hanging, the dawn of the Olympic Torch relay making its way through Yorkshire, Spitting Pig was given the opportunity to cater for followers.

By entering the county yesterday and starting its passing through Leeds, crowds gathered at Headingley Carnegie Stadium to witness the famous torch make its appearance in the district, cheering every runner during their stretch of the relay. With the torch finally making its stop for the day in Temple Newsman Park, Leeds, crowds and runners were all witness to celebrate the relay, each feasting on the wonderful hog roast we had cooking as the torch entered Temple Newsman/ This was a great honour to hog roast for the Olympic flame during its relay of the country, before the continuing journey throughout the county, where we hope that the hog roasts go down as well as they did during every other stop during the torches run through Yorkshire.

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