Juicy hot pork!!

Up along the River Dolphin to the market town of Rothwell for Spitting Pig Yorkshire this week, for a local fundraiser in a church hall. Believe it or not, Rothwell’s almost as famous for its food as Spitting Pig Yorkshire, being part of the Rhubarb Triangle. ‘The Rhubarb Triangle?’ I hear you ask – ‘he must be joking.’ He’s not. Rothwell and the area around it is exceedingly well known for the quality of its forced rhubarb. Right around now the rhubarb farmers of Rothwell will be moving the last of their rhubarb into darkened sheds to warm up and grow over winter. Now rhubarb is an acquired taste, not everyone is very fond of it. What everyone, and from the evidence of last week especially the good folk of Rothwell, is very fond of is a top-quality hot pork roll carved fresh off the spit by Spitting Pig Yorkshire. They were queuing round the block for them! I’m not a big fan of queuing – my feet get tired – but I suppose if you have to stand a queue, you may as well stand in one which has a juicy hot pork roll with stuffing, gravy and apple sauce liberally applied at the end of it. And from the looks on the faces of the attendees at the event, it was worth the wait. Good news all round – funds raised for the renovation of the church so that local activity groups could use it, and a fantastic meal of tender roast pork buns for the parishioners who came out in support. I love a happy ending, don’t you? And if you’re in charge of catering any event, any size, anywhere, get in touch with Spitting Pig Yorkshire and you won’t even have worry about everything turning out OK. We’ve got a great track record and highly positive testimonials coming out of ears – not that you’ll need to read them if you’ve ever tried a Spitting Pig Yorkshire hot pork roll. And if you haven’t, what’s keeping you? Do like the people of Rothwell and get on the phone to Spitting Pig Yorkshire today! Although we’re most famous for our hog roasts (and rightly so) we can also provide a whole range of other catering solutions to fit your needs, your tastes and your budget – from huge corporate events to family parties. We’ll even rent you a Spitting Pig roaster if you fancy yourself as a bit of a chef and want to have a go yourself.

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