Real Hog Roast Feasts

I’ve seen a lot in my time with Spitting Pig but I don’t think anything could prepare me for last Saturdays job. The cooking bit was easy, no problems making the hog roast, but lets just say cooking for a 50 strong stag party can get rather interesting, to understate it!

The hog roast job was pretty much what you’d expect from a stag party and a rowdy mob of 50 alcohol fueled males, raucus, loud and pretty absurd, at times it bordered on being out of control but there’s nothing that puts Spitting Pig off our game and the hog roast I was making was well under control throughout. Even with all that was happening around me I cooked a hog roast to be proud of. The group seemed to enjoy it but I can’t help but think they’d have been able to appreciate it more if they weren’t burning their taste buds to death beforehand by getting into a chili eating contest! But still I could tell they loved it, their appetite for the hog roast almost matched their appetite for beer.

The day after coincidentally I worked a wedding reception job. Very festive like the event the night before, but more formal and quiet by comparison – A welcome change of pace. The wedding reception hog roast that I’d been tasked with making was a big one, the guest count was 160 so the pig needed to be on the large side. The size of the guests appetite put even the size of the pig to shame, they chewed their way through monsterous servings of textured, tender meat on white crusty bread rolls. Spit roast pig with crackling, bread, stuffing and apple sauce, can you think of a better combination? I can’t. Impressing event guests is what Spitting Pig does best and I did just that at the wedding reception.

And looking at this month ahead I can see many more real hog roast feasts coming up. I’ll be back again in a month to tell you more about those. Keep checking for our regular hog blog updates.

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