Morrocan style food

Everything from a morrocan style spit roast to Britains best pig roast was provided by Spitting Pig Yorkshire event catering in September.

Thursday the spit roasting I did took on a rather different look to what some might be used to. I was at a party but despite our Spitting Pig name there wasn’t a pig in sight, that’s because the party was for Kareem from Morocco who moved here at age 8, but despite spending most his life in England he’d still kept his taste for Moroccan cuisine and his friend knew when she saw our menu that a spit roast lamb and spit roast chicken kebab would be the partys favourites. And if i was to judge by the reaction of Kareem and his friends I’d say she was spot on!

The chicken kebab and spit roast lamb were the main course of the party buffet, other foods on the menu included mini pizzas as one of the canape options, soup as a starter, couscous as a salad, new potatos with our own herbed butter and a chocolate pudding was the dessert.

With all that on the menu I wasn’t the only Spitting Pig chef there, I had Bob alongside me and he took care of prepping and cooking the rest of the menu. My attentions were focused purely on spit roasting the spicy chicken kebab and whole lamb. The Spitting Pig waiting team were also there to help out. We knocked the event right out of the park, scoring top marks from every guest.

As the month went on so did the hog roasting, like the wicked we don’t get much rest, especially on weekends. When other people can often be found settling down on a Saturday and Sunday or enjoying a quiet time with their family, at Spitting Pig the exact opposite happens, it’s the weekend when the activity picks up and when we’re most busy. Last Thursday through until Sunday evening was one event after the other, a real schmorgesborg of menus for each. Hog roasts were provided for 4 birthday parties in a row each evening. I was run off my fgeet by the end of it, a good job I’d booked my holiday hours for the Monday off!

Now i’m back, reinvigorated and you can bet I’m raring to go and make even more hog roasts.

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