Starting the New Year with a Hog Roast Bolton Abbey Feast!

This time of year, there is always so much going on and so much to organise that often it can get a little overwhelming. Well, why not let Hog roast Bolton Abbey take some of the pressure off you by hiring us to come along to your event and supply some delicious, heart-warming food at this festive time of year.

Hog Roast Bolton AbbeyThat is exactly what Simon planned to do this New Year’s Eve. Every year his family, especially his wife Dee, went all out at Christmas with everything from the decorations to the presents and of course the Christmas dinner. Unfortunately, Dee always ended up being the only one cooking and of course naturally found this stressful when having large numbers of guests over. So, this year, Simon wanted to throw a New Year’s Eve party to really say thank you to his wife for everything she does for them at this time of year. However, he really wanted to make sure she did not have to lift a finger- which is where Hog Roast Bolton Abbey comes in.

Simon explained over the phone that he really was a novice when it comes to catering. Having stretched to creating a lasagne once at university that ended up being thrown in the bin, he hasn’t cooked since and ever since meeting Dee she was always the one that cooked the family’s meals. So, to start the new year as he means to go on by helping out in the kitchen, Simon enlisted our help at Hog Roast Bolton Abbey to create a festive feast that Dee would be able to enjoy without any stress at all. We planned an extensive menu including our signature slow-roasted hog plus all the trimmings that we are sure Dee will love and we can’t wait to see the look on her face when she realises everything has been taken care of…