Tuesday Night Hog Roast, Holbeck.

It was a Tuesday night and we had an event near to Holbeck where the Spitting Pig Yorkshire team set up in a night club early to avoid the peak hour traffic. Tonight was a staff Christmas party in February, not an uncommon time for people who work in catering industry to have their annual get together. This was the staff from a well known night club group so the guys and girls really knew how to party. Lucky for them, Spitting Pig Yorkshire really know how to roast a pig, low and slow, so by the time of serving, the meat was falling away from the bone. The smell of Hog Roast Holbeck filled the open night club and also filled the young party goers setting them up for a great night. The boys from Spitting Pig Yorkshire called it a night after all the clubbers were fed. Another successful  event for Spitting Pig Yorkshire.