A Welcome Home – Spitting Pig Yorkshire

It’s been, once more, another exciting week at Spitting Pig Yorkshire. There’s been loads of activity in and out of the office, but there’s one event in particular we want to focus on in this blog post.
The event we’re buzzing about is one we were involved in only yesterday, a welcome home party in Selby for a tradesman named Rob who’s spent the better part of the last 10 years living down under. The party was organised and put together by his friends and family, mainly his brother Matthew.
We’d been speaking to Matthew for a few months. He booked us at the start of the year and we’ve been in constant contact, sharing party food ideas for his brother’s welcome home party. After a good number of hours of discussion and reflection it was decided by party-planner Matthew that a spit roast buffet was the way to go. At first it was only a spit roast snack sandwich that the client had planned, that’s until he heard about the buffet option and all the mouth watering extras that we can provide with a spit roast.
After more careful thought it was pencilled in that for the spit roast we’d be cooking 1 medium sized pig and a large cut of beef with the other. The pig and beef spit roasts were accompanied by stuffing, special chefs sauce for each respectively, and the must-have bread rolls, which are always fresh for every event. With that spit roast was a large amount of canapes to start the buffet, starter soup and salmon, numerous side dishes and a thorough choice of puddings for dessert.
Some strong choices were made and so we were excited to get to the event, not least because there were just over 100 people planned to attend. The party was a complete surprise to Rob, who hadn’t the slightest idea his family and life long friends had been secretly working with us to give him the welcome home of a life time. The party took place at a local conservative club and we cooked the food outside in the large garden because of the glorious weather.
You already know how the event went… it was an absolute success, as always. Spitting Pig hog roasts being cooked to the perfect state and party recipients falling base over apex for the food is predictable with all the quality machines, chefs and menus we have. The spit roast meats were stripped of crackling and meat until there was nothing left, all that remained at the end of the night was 18 extra bread rolls, there wasn’t a canapé, piece of meat or portion of dessert left – which made the clean up job all the easier as we didn’t have much to clean and put away before making ourselves scarce!
IF like Matthew you’re organising a surprise event for somebody else, or if you’re organising your own event, perhaps a wedding or business breakfast, feel free to call us to discuss any little thing about spit roasting and the Spitting Pig company.
Thanks as always for reading.

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