Hog Roasting?

As a chef for Spitting Pig Yorkshire, the king of hog roast catering in Yorkshire as everybody knows, I get a lot of people asking me hog roast related questions. How long does it take, don’t I get bored standing at a hog roast machine all day, how does roasting on a spit differ to roasting with an oven – and endless other questions about my hog roast job. And it doesn’t stop when I get home, as all my friends pester me about hog roasting too.

I think I’ve worked out the reason why people ask me non stop about hog roasting, it’s because hog roasting isn’t an every day thing and many people have never had it, or aren’t too sure what it’s about. That’s why Spitting Pig Yorkshire hog roasting has a very strong element of the unknown, it signifies a special occasion, like a royal banquet or an ancient feast. It seems that everybody is drawn to hog roasts, the event I was the hog roast chef for on Sunday should fully explain why.

Sunday was an event like many others. Nothing too special or out of the ordinary, just your every day run of the mill party. The party was for 26 year old Kyle at his local pub which conveniently for him had plenty of room inside and outside so we could hog roast at the venue no problem.

So how did we take this otherwise normal birthday party for a 20-something year old and turn it into the talk of the town? We rocked up to the venue with 2 hog roast machines and a combined almost 60kg of fresh meat, which we got from a free range farmer down the road.

I set up our hog roast area hours before we were due to serve, and then I got started, four hours before the party had even started. That’s how long it takes to hog roast, at least 4 hours, sometimes 6 or 8. In the mean time my job is to watch over the meat as it cooks, in this case pork and beef, regularly checking on how it’s doing, looking for the subtleties as I’m trained to do, generally making sure that everything is going to plan and the cooking temperature and process is perfect.

With the spit roasted meat taken care of it’s on to the other elements of Yorkshires more delicious, crowd drawing hog roasting catering: Stuffing, sauce and bread. The carved spit roast meats are served on rolls of bread, topped with stuffing and a choice of apple sauce or other sauces.

Once the hog roast was done I let everybody at the party know and they all came over to get their cut of the most scrumptious Yorkshire pig.

And that’s just a day in the life of a Spitting Pig chef and hog roast extraordinaire! If there’s any questions that you have about Spitting Pig hog roasts then don’t think twice about calling us, the great guys and gals in the office can tell you much more.


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