The Weekend That Was

Congratulations go to all the staff at the Oleinone Golf Complex in Skipton following a highly successful Christening celebration for baby Hermione Smith over the weekend. Catering for 100 expectant guests who thoroughly enjoyed the starter of Spiced Koftas served with lemon and coriander Houmous, Roast Beef and Dauphinoise potatoes for the main followed by the widely acclaimed Blueberry Polenta Cake with an Apricot coulis (with the vegetarians among the party equally as well catered for,) the event was an outstanding triumph and a great time was had by all.

Early on a quiet Saturday morning, frost covered the vast landscape of the golf course causing great concern however the day seemed to promise later clement weather and everyone was delighted as the sun made its appearance almost as soon as the guests had arrived. With its welcome bringing a sigh of relief among the throng of visitors, the sun decided to join us in the festivities and we were all able to bask in the heat throughout the day until the late hours.

This fortitude enabled the ubiquitous children within the group to get the full enjoyment from the various activities that had been provided for the day. The enormous inflatable Bouncy Castle in particular was a resounding success as the children bounded and laughed within its walls with the adults seemingly looking on enviously, silently yearning a go themselves. Percy the Clown, with his outlandish costume and wide smile, exhibited his box of tricks leaving adults and children both similarly perplexed whilst the lighting of Chinese Lanterns for the celebration finale being a memorable denouement. The south-easterly wind meant that upon being released, the lanterns drifted out in front of the gathering, moving over the 18th green and soaring high into the moonlit sky ahead creating wonderment throughout those watching.

From the cellars wide range of wines from around the world to the vast choice of continental beers, there was a beverage for everyone with the guests receiving a complimentary glass of champagne upon arrival. The salmon hors d’œuvres were particularly well received before dinner and the chocolate fondue fountain went down a storm with the young in particular, who put on hold their exertions on the dance floor to sample its delights – with the option of having either locally produced strawberries, marshmallows or mini-doughnuts smothered in milky chocolate.

With the guests having run of the full facilities of the Oleinone Golf Complex, every nook and cranny was occupied including the smaller Members bar and the balcony area where because the day was soaked in glorious sunshine, family members amassed to reminisce about times of old. Grandparents, Aunties, Uncles, Cousins, Nephews, Nieces, Brothers and Sisters gathered to celebrate this happy event, with young Hermione at the centre of everyone’s attention. Dressed in a vivid white Christening gown, Hermione revelled in the joyous occasion and although possibly of too young an age to fully acknowledge its significance, I’m sure that Hermione understood that the day’s proceeding were all for her and with copious pictures taken from digital cameras, this moment in her life will be more than just a passing memory.

Dave the DJ, a local music maestro from nearby Ilkley provided the songs that kept the party dancing on the dance-floor until the late hours. Providing a mix of current hits for the younger generation to the sounds of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, Dave ensured that there was a favourite tune for everyone and that they’d be a few tired legs the following morning!

Everyone’s needs were catered for by the staff to make the evening an unquestionable success and that the party went home with stomachs full, music still ringing in their ears and smiles on all their faces. Again a huge thank you go to all the employees that made this day possible, working both selflessly and tirelessly and I hope that the next fortnights Bar Mitzvah celebration can be a similar, if not greater, triumph. Watch this space!

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