Christmas Party – Hog Roast York

We love this time of year and Christmas now just wouldn’t be Christmas with out a nice hog roast York party! Turkey on the hog roasting machine just couldn’t get any better some consider turkey to be a dry meat but not the way we cook it as it always turns out moist and succulent and guests are always flabbergasted when they taste our turkey and we were cooking just that at the weekend.

Catering for a pre Christmas event and the host wanted turkey and all the trimmings from hog roast York. To accompany the turkey we made some fresh stuffing using fresh herbs and peeled some potatoes and drizzled them in oil and covered them in herbs and spices. We then peeled some parsnips and carrots and roasted the vegetables and made lovely thick gravy using the juices from the turkey. When the guests arrived we were ready to serve we removed the turkey from the machine so plump and juicy and full of flavour the guests were speechless and all commented on the smell of the meat and even more impressed when they tasted the meat! The guests filled their plates with turkey and vegetables and poured over thick gravy and you could hear a pin drop as the guests tucked into their meal.

After the food was ate we had guests coming up to us and asking if we could cater for them for their parties this festive season with hog roast York and we took lots of firm bookings there and then. We love it when guests ask us at events to book future parties and it happens more and more each and every year. We chatted to guests and handed out cards showing all about us and what we do. We left the place just as we found it immaculate we remove all the mess and are so thorough in doing a good job time and time again. The first of many we thought as we left and could feel a cold chill in the air Christmas is fast approaching and here at The Spitting Pig we really cannot wait for it all to start.