Hog Roast Denholme at Anika’s 18th birthday party!

Hog Roast Denholme’s latest event was a very special 18th birthday celebration. Birthday girl Anika’s parents Magnus and Erin contacted the team to book the catering for their daughters surprise 18th birthday celebration.

Hog Roast DenholmeClients Magnus and Erin worked with the Hog Roast Denholme team to put together a menu for the surprise party. They were thrilled that the team offered real value for the money and attention to detail. The bespoke catering package that was put together for the Clients was based around the Gourmet Delivery service, and they were delighted when it all came in on budget.

The food for the 6pm buffet was made fresh by Catering Manager Jon in the hours leading up to the delivery time. Experienced Chef Jon created the buffet by hand at the Hog Roast Denholme kitchens. Once the food was ready Chef Jon delivered it to the Clients home, where they and their daughter and their 7 family guests were celebrating Anika’s special day.

When the food arrived it was immediately ready to be served. Once the dishes were cooked, Chef Jon served them in large transport trays. Once the food had been delivered to the Clients home they were able to serve the food straight from the trays.

The guests had a nice tasty buffet to tuck into when it was delivered. There was a delicious tray of free range slow spit roasted chicken that was served with chipolata sausage and homemade onion gravy. Alternatively there was a vegetarian lasagne available. Alongside these dishes there was also lots of piping hot seasonal vegetables, a large tray of roasted new potatoes in rosemary and garlic and a basket of soft gluten free rolls.

The whole buffet had been made and delivered with the utmost care and to the Clients specifications. Birthday girl Anika and her parents Magnus and Erin were absolutely delighted by the buffet. The party was a great surprise and a success that the Hog Roast Denholme team were glad to have been a part of.