Hog Roast Denholme can feed your wedding party!

Hog Roast Denholme always feels privileged to be hired to cater wedding receptions, there’s a lot of trust from clients to make their day special and the team always delivers! Their latest Clients, Frank and Liz, knew straight away that they wanted the team to cater their wedding reception.

Hog Roast DenholmeClients Frank and Liz worked together with the Hog Roast Denholme team to come up with a buffet menu that would delight their 15 guests. The wedding was an intimate one, with the party taking place at the client’s home in a large gazebo they had put up in their garden, so the day was all about the personal touch.

Chef Jon was tasked with bringing the clients food dreams to life on their big day. He arrived at the client’s home several hours before the 5pm serving time. He set up his catering equipment and gazebo and got straight to work. Not only would he be preparing all the food, but after it had been enjoyed he would take the rubbish away from the private home venue. This included the used crockery and cutlery that the team had provided for the guests to use as part of the catering package paid for by Clients Frank and Liz.

The buffet table was stacked high with tasty treats for the guests to enjoy when 5pm arrived. The guests could choose to tuck into BBQ 100% beef burgers and Chefs gourmet sausage, near these meaty treats there was a basket of soft rolls and a bowl of shredded cheese and an assortment of sauces. They could also tuck into grilled vegetable and halloumi skewers, plain grilled vegetable skewers, and BBQ pulled jackfruit. That wasn’t all though! There was also Chefs choice of 3 fresh salads, one of which was delicious crunchy coleslaw, and a large platter of skin on potato wedges.

The buffet was a magnificent sight! Clients Frank and Liz and their guests tucked in with great enthusiasm.

After the food had been enjoyed Chef Jon quietly tidied away, discreetly taking the rubbish off site to dispose of safely and responsibly. The Clients were delighted at Chef Jon’s hard work and later contacted the team to thank them all for their work, it had been a perfect day.