Hog Roast Dewsbury Classic Menu 1!

This week was yet another packed one for Hog Roast Dewsbury! First up we were out in Leeds catering at Leeds Irish Club Communion for Michael who had booked us in a few weeks earlier.

When booking Michael had requested our classic menu one for one hundred guests and a two o’clock serve time- meaning we had to stick to schedule to ensure the food was prepared on time. The catering manager for this event was Jon who was assisted by Lily-Belle on the day itself, and together they made the perfect Hog Roast Dewsbury team!

For those who may not know hog roasts are certainly our speciality (hence the name!) and due to this we really are experts in creating the most succulent meats every time. With this menu our Hog Roast Dewsbury chef will take care to carefully prepare your hog for roasting, this is done by skilfully scoring the meat and applying lots of sea salt and water to the skin which when massaged in helps to create our tantalisingly crispy crackling that always drives guests crazy! The meat then goes onto our trusty Hog Roast Dewsbury machine where we leave it to roast steadily away for several hours, the longer the better. Once the meat has been roasting away for several hours when it comes to carving the meat struggles to hold its shape as it has by now become so succulent that it simply falls off the bone and all that is left to do is serve it up.

In terms of accompaniments with this menu you are sure not to be disappointed! Our applesauce is tangy yet sweet and offsets the salty crackling deliciously. To top it all off we add a serving of homemade sage and onion stuffing. This is all bundled into a freshly baked bread roll and you are ready to go!