Hog Roast Whinmoor – A Trusted Corporate Caterer of Over 20 Years

As a caterer our job here at Hog Roast Whinmoor roughly falls into 3 distinct parts: wedding catering, which is more or less the go to whenever anyone things about catering; private catering, covering the likes of birthday parties, anniversaries, social club nights, catering for sports teams and the like; and of course corporate catering which is where you will typically find the Hog Roast Whinmoor teams on the midweek days.

Hog Roast WhinmoorFor well over 20 years now Hog Roast Whinmoor has been a valued caterer in the corporate world; we have made our ground as a high-quality caterer that can be trusted with even the biggest jobs in business. That trust is evidenced by the long list of regular corporate partners that Hog Roast Whinmoor possesses, including some of the most recognisable brands in the entire world, along with some of our own favoured local businesses and brands. Each of these partners continues to put their stock into Hog Roast Whinmoor’s corporate catering service because they know that it produces the stylish and delicious results they are after, each and every time.

Our teams are well drilled in proper service for business events. Working with us will net you a team capable of producing results where it matters and bringing your business all you need for a successful event. Our chefs, for one, or some of the best in the game with a high skill in authentic hog roasting and fresh cookery at events. Our servers are warm, professional, but most importantly adaptable to the ever-changing landscape that is a corporate event. They have the ability to turn around any issues or changes to plans at quick notice, and they will always do so with a smile and a great can-do attitude. Without the brilliance of our teams Hog Roast Whinmoor would be nowhere near the standing of caterer that we are now in the corporate world.

So, if you are in the market for a caterer that you can rely on, then Hog Roast Whinmoor is the name you need to be looking out for. We’ve been at this for a long time, and we’re showing no signs of slowing down now!