Host A Teacher Training Day This Half Term With Catering From Hog Roast Helmsley

Hog Roast HelmsleyTeacher training days are an inevitable part of the job, although they are definitely a part that no one looks forward to. A great way to make the day more enjoyable for your staff is to provide a delicious lunch for everyone to enjoy. At Hog Roast Helmsley, we have plenty of options that are ideal for the occasion, including this tasty buffet.

Earlier this academic year, Hog Roast Helmsley was hired to cater for a teacher training day taking place during the Easter half term. The event was planned to include lots of different training and learning opportunities for the staff, to ensure that their staff are up to date on their knowledge. To make the day a little more enjoyable for the staff, Hog Roast Helmsley has been hired to cater for the occasion. After looking through our buffet menus, it was decided that a classic hog roast would be the perfect addition to the event since it is hearty and filling.

Hog Roast HelmsleyOn the day of the event, the Hog Roast Helmsley team arrived at the school in the morning and began to prepare for 1:00pm serving time. We began our preparation by slow-roasting the hog to perfection and allowing it over five hours to cook. Once ready, it was expertly carved and served in fresh bread rolls, alongside sage and onion stuffing, homemade applesauce, and crispy crackling. Additionally, we served homemade chips, gourmet coleslaw, and a selection of fresh salad dishes. When it was time to enjoy the meal, the staff lined up at our catering station to create their ideal lunch. Our catering went down a treat, with everyone enjoying a delicious and filling lunch. It made a great difference from the usual packed lunches and was a great way to make the day more enjoyable.

To find out more about how Hog Roast Helmsley can cater for your upcoming corporate event, simply let us know your party size, date, and location. With over 7 different menus to choose from and a variety of catering styles, Hog Roast Helmsley is sure to have something that is right for you.