Partnered Events With Hog Roast Hawes Corporate Catering

Hog Roast HawesHog Roast Hawes has been a proud independent business for several decades now. Some 30 years ago we started from the ground up out of a dream to provide affordable hog roast dining to events as we recognised a lack of availability of such experiences on the market. Now we are proud to boast a number of countrywide franchises that provide quality hog roast catering to events and customers daily.

Because of our local roots one of things we are most proud of doing is working with other such British businesses to aid their work by providing high quality corporate catering as and when they need it. Having a caterer in partnership with your business can be a valuable tool as it allows your to business to impress others in your sector at hosted business events, or to hold a reputation for being a good employer by treating staff to regular business lunches through our catering, or to celebrate the major business achievements that your team reaches along the way. As an independent upstart we know the value of these things, and so we are always privileged to be able to help others manage them.

Now over the lastHog Roast Hawes several decades Hog Roast Hawes has managed to make a name as a trusted corporate caterer. From even the largest global leading brands to the smaller local business, we have become known for providing reliable high quality catered services each and every time we are called. Those brands that have worked with us before often come back again and again because our service does exactly what is asked for it without issue, and the more we work with these repeat brands the more tailored our services have been able to become. Once we know a business and how they like to work, we are able to provide more immediate service with shorter lead times required, leading them to want to work with us even more in future.


We can offer businesses a range of corporate catering services, so if you have a business in need of event catering then why not join the many others that have already partnered with Hog Roast Hawes today?