TV Cooking Hog Roast in Bardsey

Inspired by a TV cooking programme, a local resident decided to have a hog roast in Bardsey and hired one of our Hogmaster hog roast machines for his back garden hog roast barbecue over the weekend. At The Spitting Pig, we have four kinds of machines for customers to rent, but the Hogmaster is the leading commercial one on the market and the one chosen by professional caterers, so it was a great choice of equipment.

If you want to cook a whole pig, the Hogmaster is so straightforward and effortless to use. We delivered the machine to the customer, let him know how to use it and gave him instructions for the meat itself. We don’t just drop off a hog roaster and drive off, leaving you to it! When you hire with us, we want you to be comfortable with how to use the machinery. Although easy to use, it still may seem daunting at first, but that’s why we walk you through it and then leave you with detailed instructions as well, so you can refer back if needed.

As explained to the customer, you need to score the pig before pouring cold water on it and then rubbing in some salt. As well as adding flavour, the latter step gives you that gorgeous crispy outside. As simple as it sounds, you then just turn on the Hogmaster and cook it for several hours. And voil√† –¬† a pig perfectly cooked by yourself in a few easy steps.

We also provided the hog itself for this customer, although you can always choose to buy your own instead, or indeed a different animal to cook. In this case, the pig was about 35kg, which can feed anywhere between 10 and 50 guests, depending on the portion size. The larger the pig, the longer it will take to cook, though it is also somewhat dependant on the location and weather, too. A pig this weight takes about 3 or 4 hours to slowly roast.

Don’t forget to monitor the hog as it cooks. Unfortunately for this customer, the gas went out and he didn’t notice for ages, so when his guests turned up to eat, the meat was still barely cooked…