Wedding Hog Roast in Hazlewood.

Wedding Hog Roast AccompanimentsJim & Katjas wedding was a informal affair set among the rolling Skipton hills in Hazlewood. Everybody was camping so the guests did not have far to travel to the altar made from birch branches. This was a union of England and Germany so the addition of butchers sausages to the menu was very well received by both nationalities. Also, the selection of mustards and sauces made the German guests feel very welcome. The star of the show as always was the slow cooked Yorkshire pig that teased the guests nostrils all morning. By service time it was carved with all the crackling portioned to ensure everyone got their fair share. As the team packed up the beer steins were out so the wedding party was truly under way. All fueled by the delicious hog roast Hazelwood, happily provided by The Spitting Pig Yorkshire team.